Consistent terminology as single-user or enterprise-wide solution

Terms and abbreviations must be kept consistent in various documents, CAD data, reports, correspondence or directly at the machine - but how can this be done? So-called Dont's are terms that must be avoided or are prohibited; how can they be filtered out while writing or in retrospect or even replaced by correct terms?

This is the way to solve the challenges and ensure correct language use in all documents on an enterprise-wide basis:

  1. Term database: Excel, UniTerm - for recording and updating terms, abbreviations and Dont's - preferably with the Linguistic Engine (from TERM CHECK Plus)
  2. TERM CHECK - check the terminology while writing and after entering the text, BEFORE further processing, translating or forwarding

Give it a trial right now and enhance the quality of your documents, data and correspondence.

Online Manual (EN)
Finalyser TERM CHECK is available on different levels:
  • TERM CHECK Plus - with Linguistic Engine (lemmatization) incl. UniTerm Plus
  • TERM CHECK Pro - same as Plus but with UniTerm Pro
  • TERM CHECK Enterprise - same as Plus but with UniTerm Enterprise

*) UniTerm = term database, by Acolada GmbH.

LIVE CHECK 5.0 - ingenious, easy to use - see on YouTube

YouTube Videos

"Consistent terminology - an important element of mobile corporate communications"
  • TERM CHECK - simple | fast | immediate
  • TERM CHECK - saves costs and time
  • TERM CHECK - communication without any misunderstandings

The increasing online availability of documentation reveals terminology inconsistencies more quickly. Seeing that documentation is part of the product, you can enhance the quality of your products in good time already during the compilation stage by using a consistent terminology concept = Finalyser TERM CHECK.

Why Terminology Management?

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