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TechCommApp versions
So far, there is the version 3.2.3. Until the final conversion from iOS, Android and Windows to the version 4.0 both versions exist at the same time.
TechCommApp® 4.0 news
History function
Help overlay after installation
Toggle between list and grid view
New download buttons
Language selection for app interface
API 4.0 available
TechCommApp® standard
In this documentation, the range of functions of the standard version is described. First and foremost, self-management is done here, which means that you manage a certain number of documents in the channel assigned to you and decide on the conditions of their publication. This is perfect for single users or smaller companies.
In addition, we have developed a TechCommApp® Professional and Enterprise version. If you want to have more extensive functions and manage documents and users without limit and publish automatically, please contact a partner or SQUIDDS directly.
TechCommApp® Professional
TechCommApp® Professional is perfect for companies which wish to have an extensive function range to comfortably manage and publish mobile documentation. With the existing features you have the necessary mechanisms to keep control. In addition to the basic functions the Professional version enables you to use your individual icon in the app, to realize cross references between containers, solutions for industry 4.0, an analytics tool to evaluate user behaviour as well as filtering and language selection.
According to the number of documents, which are managed and published, a fix amount is charged. A number of documents between 1 and 1000 as well as creating up to 1000 users are possible with the professional version. For customization of the app, a banner can be used; each document gets a thumbnail to differentiate between other documents.
TechCommApp® Enterprise
TechCommApp® Enterprise is perfect for companies which wish to manage an unlimited number of documents and users. Individual, company-specific functions can be programmed and the layout can be customized more individually to meet the corporate identity of your company. With this version, automated processes with an API can be introduced to integrate existing systems such as a CMS into the workflow or iiRDS.
Those who wish to manage their data on their own server can do so with a VPN connection.
Last modified date: 07.20.2018