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June 5-8th, 2016: LavaCon Conference, Dublin (Ireland) - WebWorks & SQUIDDS booth #24

July 7-8th, 2016: VDI-Seminar, Stuttgart (Germany) - Mobile Documentation:

November 2016: tekom/tcworld 2016, Stuttgart (Germany)

Technical Communication

"WebWorks has been on the during cutting edge of technical communication software of more than 20years. Technical Communicators are leading componetn in the evolution of the information age, and they require unique and intricate solutions to meet ther needs. WebWorks continues to lead the way in providing the most innovative solutions that yield the most value and effiency for technical communication departments and their writers."

Tony McDow
(CEO WebWorks)

"With Gutenberg and the printing press paper documentation began, over 500 years ago. After the mass production and digitization, which spawned the pdf 20 years ago, now comes back movement in the technical documentation, it is with TechComm Industry 4.0 for communication. All operations are Mobile, the read and search habits of users adapt, he is involved in the creation and communication process in systems -  information and communication increase profits."

Georg Eck
(CEO SQUIDDS, Adobe Certified Expert, Coach)

Solution to Projects, Products and Coaching from one source.
"We optimize your tasks."

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