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Complex product and service information is conveyed much more quickly and efficiently when making specific use of 3D PDF with animation features, than with text and picture. Whether installation/service instructions or technical communication (TechComm), 3D permits integration from native formats straight to 3D-PDF, 3D mobile and Adobe FrameMaker. It takes powerful software solutions to make efficient use of all this potential.

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Tetra4D Converter 3D PDF Samples of some branches

Office (AEC)
School (AEC)
Landing Gear Main Shaft – PMI (Aero)
Turbine Engine (Aero)
Aero Composite Part (Aero)
Suspension (Auto)
Chassis (Auto)
Engine (Auto)
Disk Brake (Auto)
Carburetor (Auto)
Shoe (Consumer)
Outlet (Consumer)
Flashlight (Consumer)
Industrial Saw 3D PDF (Industrial)

SQUIDDS Portfolio

  • Licenses TechSoft3D/Tetra4D Enrich, Converter, Automate incl. maintenance
  • Consulting to define and automate processes and workflows
  • Support/Coaching/PREMIUM agreement for highly flexible use, for example:
    • Template creation
    • Training with/without training material
    • Projects

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