Basic package for FM

Finalyser extends the standard functions of Adobe FrameMaker and Illustrator

The Finalyser is the strongest tool yet for cross-application process automation. Advantage for the user: far greater convenience and more scope for creative, complex activities.

The Finalyser is based on the functionalities of the TOOLBOX for® FrameMaker and extends it by adding the possibilities of ExtendScripts. While the TOOLBOX for® deals among others with complex transfer and conversion processes as well as accelerating the processing of formats and graphics, the Finalyser also sets an additional exclamation mark. It consistently facilitates the idea of comprehensive, intelligent workflow integration.

Online manual (EN and DE)

older releases

Note: Finalyser 3 and older (for FM 12 and older) requires the current LicenseManager 2017 for activation / deactivation (Download link:

Older versions of Finalyser (FM 9-12) or TOOLBOX (FM 8 and older) please request link via e-mail.

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