Finalyser enriches workflow with a new tool for creating SVG-graphics: EXPORT2SVG

If you consider those arrangements for meaningful too:

  • optimizing your workflow for graphics in technical writing
  • enhance your website technically,
  • develope further online-documents relating to language-management and translation workflow,
then please test our new Finalyser-Tool. Test EXPORT2SVG in the free 30-days-trial-version of Finalyser. You will experience the easy and comfortable way of optimizing.


  • Using SVG in HTML5-Output you guarantee the defined view of your graphics, independant of the users screensize, because FrameMaker uses the whole SVG-Code for converting into HTML5-Output.
  • Layer-technology in SVG enables you to administer different languages in one file.
  • SVG is a XML based format, so all the content in SVG-files is easily accessible for computeraided translation and other following processing.

With EXPORT2SVG you automate your Workflow.
The most important steps for replacing your document with SVG-files:

- Conversion of AI- and EPS-files in Adobe Illustrator to SVG automatically
- Replacing the AI- and EPS-files in your FrameMaker-file with the converted SVG-files

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