• Your own TechCommApp - just as easy as making coffee

Keep control of what happens with your data in the TechComm cloud.

Why TechComm cloud / TechComm App®?

Online / Offline

TechComm cloud concentrates on what it does really well: it keeps your documents, 3D and video data at the ready, regardless of quantity or size. The TechCommApp shows these data both ONLINE and OFFLINE - in next-to-no time. TechComm To GO!

Server/client-related security

The document and data are kept in a private part of the tablet or smart phone (client) that is not accessible externally, and come from a TechComm server in a German data center or from your server (TechComm cloud). SECURITY First!

6 platforms

Separating the viewer (app) from the data means that the documents only have to be generated ONCE for all platforms and stored on the TechComm cloud. THINK MOBILE - First!

... just a few of the TechCommApp® features:

Filtering | Faceted/Full Text Search

Keep an OVERVIEW: Select all relevant documents and information immediately. NEW: Full Text Search and Historie.

HTML5 responsive

HTML5 contents adapt automatically to all mobile platforms and are visualized correctly. Recommended tool for generating HTML5 responsive: WebWorks ePublisher.

Own icon

Recognition factor for your final customers: that is MY app!

Industry 4.0

Today, tablets are used to monitor machines (separate app); they send messages to staff for collection in the TechCommApp.

Standard formats

PDF, links to portals (press, service) and integration of social media - all in one app - the TechCommApp.


Video, audio and 3D information is increasingly important for explaining technical procedures.

User rights

Categories are used to allocate groups and users to documents.


As the owner of your data, you can analyze customer access to the TechComm cloud.

Access methods

QR code (default), NFC, Bluetooth or smart code can be used to access the data securely and only using the TechCommApp - also OFFLINE.

Easy to install, then you're ready - take a look at YouTube:

YouTube videos

Create your Smart Information for your own TechComm App...

Brilliant - profitable documentary with a Mobile TechComm

In future, information and communication will make a crucial contribution to a company's turnover. Today already, you can set the cornerstone for making lucrative use of documentation and technical communication (TechComm) in future.

The use of networking and mobile devices demands increasing communication between man and machine. Standards such as HTML5 and the TechCommApp help to make it...

  • quick,
  • and inexpensive

... to set up integrated processes between man and machine.

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