"Create a professional 3D PDF in 15 minutes"

Tetra4D Enrich - Features & Benefits:

Now Anyone can Create Intelligent 3D PDFs

Version 2019 - already in 2018 with more Efficiency - here more.

Tetra 4D Enrich allows anyone, even non-CAD users, to create rich, interactive 3D PDF documents. And because it doesn’t require specialized programming expertise, users can create advanced 3D PDFs in record time. Insert a 3D CAD model, bill of material and view carousel with the click of a mouse.

Enhance Your 3D PDF with Interactivity

Easily add interactivity between 3D models, non-graphical data and other product information to create custom actions such as populating views, changing render modes, displaying text and more.

Complete Functionality of Tetra4D Converter

Tetra4D Enrich incorporates the latest version of Tetra4D Converter, allowing you to convert over 20 of the major CAD formats to native 3D PDF (including CATIA®, SolidWorks®, NX™ and neutral formats). Users can also make 3D measurements, comments and create new views to improve collaboration.

Create Advanced Documents

Create your own custom template or use existing templates to build compelling documents such as work instructions, part catalogs, maintenance manuals and technical data packages.

Efficient and Affordable

Critical documents can be created without additional internal or external resources at a modest price, saving both time and money. Until now programming expertise or costly enterprise solutions would be required to create such documents.

All Critical Manufacturing Information, in One Document

Consolidate all required product information into one document including 3D CAD, CAD metadata, and business intelligence from systems like ERP and PLM.

Easy to install, then you're ready - take a look at YouTube

Tetra4D Enrich

Included in the Tetra4D package - the Tetra4D Reviewer:

A powerful native CAD viewer and mockup tool that makes it easy to work with components and assemblies from over 20 popular CAD formats.

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