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What is CloudDrafts...

WebWorks® CloudDrafts is a secure, on-premises cloud solution that manages technical communication department workflow and collaboration like nothing else in the industry. Users have access to their own personal draft space where they can edit, create, and share files collaboratively with other users. CloudDrafts allows users to manage their personal draft space by syncing to a single project repository with a single click. This allows them to see exactly which files, and what specific content within the files, are different from their drafted copies. CloudDrafts is an invaluable, time-saving workflow management system that no technical communication team should be without.

  • Queue Jobs: CloudDraft is  a will automatically go into the queue and publish when processing is available.
  • Scheduling and Job Queues: ...publish jobs in real-time.
  • Run Higher-Quality Publishing Jobs faster: The latest release of ePublisher allows you to publish even more large jobs simultaneously.
  • Snapshots: make final tweaks for publishing

CloudDrafts - the advanced CMS: CloudDrafts' collaborative workflow was built with technical communicators in mind. Because of multiple departments, contributors, and SMEs, there is a need for in-depth, collaborative functionality. However, existing tools, such as GitHub, are built for developers around development workflow. CloudDrafts' collaborative workflow is built for technical documentation and will take you from collaborating on documentation with multiple departments and teams to publishing in the highest-quality outputs available.

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Project-Oriented Workflow

All of CloudDrafts' documents are stored in projects. This project hierarchy is crucial to an efficient workflow. With all of your documents organized into projects with project associations and user access controls, and an easy-to-use project UI, you can manage your projects with ease! CloudDrafts' project-oriented workflow is a must-have when collaborating with many contributors and departments.

Content Reuse Across Projects

Documentation projects are often interconnected, even if they are in different projects or managed by different resources. For this reason, CloudDrafts has built-in project reference functionality; this allows you to maintain connections to various projects for publishing and editing, even if these projects are managed by different contributors or departments.

Minimal learning curve means that SMEs and other content participants are more likely to contribute content and/or feedback!

Never Lose an Edit Again

With CloudDrafts, it is virtually impossible to lose any edit while collaborating, even with many contributors working on the same project. By incorporating advanced version control, file and project history, file comparisons, and more, you can rest easy knowing that any contribution made to any project is safe and secure.

Version Control

CloudDrafts saves a version of the file every single time any contributor pushes or saves his or her draft to the cloud. With CloudDrafts’ intuitive user interface, any version can be recovered with a single click at any time!

Compare Files and Highlight Changes

In CloudDrafts, you can easily compare any version of any file with any other instance of that file. CloudDrafts’ sophisticated file comparison interface will actually highlight the differences in the file itself so that writers, contributors, and managers can easily see and recover any changes that have ever been made to any file.

User Management

Advanced and extremely customizable user architecture in CloudDrafts allows you to control which users have reading, writing, or administrative access to any project. Since users can create their own projects and control access to them, organizations can construct any access infrastructure imaginable.

More functions: Publishing into TechCommApp® with CloudDrafts either from Cloud or Desktop

  • TechCommApp

  • TechCommApp

Work From the Cloud or Your Desktop

CloudDrafts allows you to work from a clean, easy-to-use cloud-based interface or link directly to your desktop to edit files in your draft space right from your native folder browsing software. So whether you choose to manage files from the cloud with CloudDrafts’ beautiful UI and workflow management tools or prefer a desktop connection so that you can open files directly with their native programs, CloudDrafts has the solution for you.

TechCommApp: The Publishing process can be continued until TechCommApp.

Easy-to-Use SME Editor

CloudDrafts has an easy-to-use WYSIWYG SME editor that allows you to edit any binary file type with ease. Editable file types include XML, HTML, DITA, TXT, and many more! You have the ability to adjust headings, formatting, styles, etc., right from within CloudDrafts, or you can edit and upload from any other editing environment. CloudDrafts will work with your custom workflow.

Secure On-Premises Cloud

When dealing with sophisticated, confidential documentation, security is paramount. CloudDrafts can be hosted on-premises, allowing all of your files to be maintained behind your own firewall. All the heavy lifting is done by the professional WebWorks security team, so implementation is easy. Once installed on your server, your CloudDrafts content will be protected by the same security measures as all of your other secure documentation.

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