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One-Click Publishing

WebWorks helps you increase your product value by reducing the time it takes to publish, increasing time spent on building value in the documentation sent to your customer. One-Click Publishing is the optimal documentation publishing workflow because of its speed and accuracy. Create, generate, deliver – those are all the stages of One-Click Publishing. A simple workflow that is agile, flexible and intelligent so you can focus less on publishing and more on creating your message. 

ePublisher delivers One-Click publishing through a customizable template we call ePublisher Stationery. ePublisher Stationery holds a set of instructions defining the publishing process. Once designed and saved, a stationery can be shared among others in the department to decrease the work load. With ePublisher Designer, you can customize your stationery to your specific publishing needs making it the fastest most scalable workflow to deliver product ready document sets. One-Click publishing gives the you time back to focus on the customer, increasing the value of your product. 

Generate Advanced HTML5 Document Sets

ePublisher converts source documents into HTML5 one page at a time, then we add responsive UX design, advanced features, and bundle them into Reverb 2.0. Reverb 2.0 helps you build customer loyalty by living up to their expectations when they need access to the information in your document set the most. This HTML5 output with responsive UX design is more agile, flexible, and intelligent than anything on the market today.

Agile Search

The advanced search features in Reverb 2.0 give you the power to control your customers’ experience through unique search customization.

  • Define Synonyms for keyword searches, to ensure your customers finds the right information the first time.
  • Set relevance rankings so that the most important and helpful information appears first.
  • Use interactive search filters to give your customers a choice in how to narrow their search results.
  • With real-time search results, your customers will be able to navigate your help sets within just a few keystrokes.

Flexible Design

Reverb 2.0 uses Sass technology making it easier for you to customize the look and feel of your HTML5 document sets. This gives you the ability to create truly unique designs that will set you apart from the competition and help you accentuate the most important parts of your message.

  • Our Sass sheets are hierarchical, making it easy for you to find and select the areas you want to change.
  • Sass is intuitive to use and doesn’t require extensive coding to get professional results.
  • All the information for the Reverb 2.0 layout is categorized in easy to understand files. Names like “color,” “icons,” and “sizes” will help you quickly locate the file you need for the changes you want.
  • Every aspect of Reverb 2.0 is customizable including the icons. We’ve now included an icon library giving you many options to choose from while also giving you the opportunity to use your company’s custom icons.

Built In Intelligence

Reverb 2.0 is the smartest output we’ve ever created. The analytics library exclusive to ePublisher Reverb 2.0 will help show the full value documentation sets provide to the company.

  • Our analytics track customers’ behavior from the moment they enter the help set, to the moment they leave.
  • We offer information on more than just page views. With Reverb 2.0 you will be able to monitor interactions with the toolbar, scrolls, clicks and so much more.
  • Simply add your Google Analytics ID via ePublisher and Reverb 2.0’s custom analytics library will display on your Google Analytics dashboard, making reporting easier than ever.

These are just a few of the features available to you in ePublisher. Click one of the buttons below to learn about other features in ePublisher, contact SQUIDDS experts for your project or start your free trial.

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