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Cloud Service 3D-PDF and 3D-Web

From SolidWorks, Siemens NX, Catia ..., etc., Tetra4D 3D PDF files can be created in a few minutes. The following features have to be clarified in advance: What should the template look like, it is a business card of the company and what functions should the 3D-PDF file contain, i.e. an interactive BOM, fields for step descriptions or material information, images, views ... etc.?

After that, with Tetra4D Automate, we not only produce the 3D PDF fully automated - a secure document for visualizing approvals and providing service documents, but also providing you with 3D web output. The use of mobile devices is increasing strongly, so the 3D web output is an advantage for your website from a marketing point of view, as well as a customer release before the machine or product goes into production.

Cloud Service TechCommToGo (rental model)

HTML5 responsive can be viewed and searched much faster. Finding, instead of searching, is becoming more and more important, but also intelligent functions, such as a history, access rights for different groups of people, secure access, a division of documents by category, always up-to-date content, versions, multilingualism ... etc. The on/offline operation of all documents is very important – a central function from which the name of our service was derived: TechCommToGo means generating technical documentation (TechComm), uploading and going. Already in the Basic-TechCommApp your company logo would be, a QR code unlocks the channel for your customers and users and you start with #ThinkMobile.

So we support you in converting to HTML5 responsive, using intelligent graphics (SVG), videos or structured content delivery. Getting started is extremely simplified with our instant service. If you want to change the workflow later or have extended functions in your own app, at any time, because the foundation is laid and the upgrades are possible during operation.

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