TechComm Responsive Publishing Suite


  • unstructured text, structured text (DITA),
  • 3D visualizations,
  • Graphics (GIF, JPG, SVG, ...),
  • Videos, audio
  • PDF, forms, ...

STEP 2: MANAGE - The contents have to be saved and managed, as in the past with a CMS or for mobile workflows in CloudDrafts

STEP 3: GENERATE - Generate HTML5 responsive (WebWorks Reverb): to this end, the contents are generated with WebWorks ePublisher. THAT'S ALL!

OPTIONAL - STEP 4 - TechCommApp:

The contents can always be shown ONLINE in a modern browser; other advantages of using the TechCommApp : ON-/OFFLINE, access rights, customized CI, for machine, sales, service - ALL AT A GLANCE, secure data storage and transfer, using the QR code directly at the correct place in the document, compatible with Industry 4.0... and available on all mobile platforms and desktop systems.

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